El Habichuela

El Habichuela

El Habichuela

May 20, 2017

No doubt this is a must go in Lucena´s scene of baches, Mesón Cristo del Gran Poder as well known as “Habichuela”. You will fine here one of the best dry local white wines in town called “fino”. Ask the owner, he will reccommend. All drinks go always with tapas, Iberian cold meat, assorted of pickles, smoked salmon or cod, cold shellfish or Russian salad. Hot tapas focused on amazing rices on Saturdays, among other specials from the house, if you are lucky.

This is indeed a must where to stop in this small town in the centre of Cordoba´s province.

Text by Juanma Aranda.

Calle “El Agua” 17, Lucena

Have a nice bite. EL BACHE.

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