About us

It is really dificult for us to forget our grandma´s way of cooking, the feeling of warmth of home made dishes which have marked us forever. We should never loose the pasion of looking for those sensations, tradicional places where food and atmosphere give us pleasure and lot of emotions.

When eating and drinking become a cultural act, we can think in a “Bache”. As per the real Andalusian eating and drinking culture, El Bache pretend to be a unique gastronomic guide which will help you to find those hiden and special places where be able to enjoy the real and tradicional andalucian´s food. Have you ever felt the shine of a place to be discover? Any signal that make you to be sure you were in the right location? We would like to offer a fine list self contrasted during years; always open to new recommendations and reviews.

We hope you enjoy and look forward to your opinions.

Have a nice meal. EL BACHE.